Terms And Conditions

By using Bridgeway Digital website, the user hereby agrees to fully comply with this stated set of use of website terms and conditions. If in any case the user does not solely agree and oblige with the stated terms and conditions then one may not use Bridgeway Digital in any of the ways.


Bridgeway Digital has the right to change or update these terms whenever we need to. Being a user of Bridgeway Digital it is mandatory to fully comply with these terms of use as the basic set of mutual understanding and consent to use Bridgeway Digital.


Bridgeway Digital’s logo, name, and the look of its products and services are all trademarked by Bridgeway Digital. If you see other company names, brands, or logos on Bridgeway’s site, they belong to their respective owners. 


Bridgeway Digital maintains all copyrights to all work, including all text, images, ideas, graphics, and illustrations, unless anything is disclosed or published publicly in writing and only after all expenses have been paid.


Project Proposal

Bridgeway Digital offers a customized experience for users to submit their project requirements. You can quickly do this by visiting Bridgeway Digital’s "Talk to Us" page, where an easy form is waiting for your project details. Additionally, Bridgeway Digital provides various ways to get in touch with its support team, both online and offline, making communication seamless and efficient.


Backup and Data Loss

Bridgeway Digital kindly reminds you that your use of its online services is under your own discretion and responsibility. It's important for us to clarify that while we strive to provide a seamless and secure digital experience, Bridgeway Digital cannot be held liable for any data loss or related issues that may occur during your use of our website.


By using Bridgeway’s website, you accept that you are doing so at your own risk. This means that you, as a valued user, agree to assume full responsibility for your interactions with the site. If any consequences arise from your use of Bridgeway Digital’s website, we trust that you will manage them with the same level of responsibility.


Bridgeway Digital  deeply values your trust, and it continuously works towards enhancing the safety and reliability of its digital platform. However, in the rare event of unforeseen technical challenges or data loss incidents, your understanding and acknowledgment of this aspect of its service are greatly appreciated.


Security against loss

By using this website, you kindly agree to safeguard Bridgeway Digital and its team from any financial losses, damages, or costs, which also covers fair legal fees.This might arise from third-party claims or actions linked to your use of bridgeway’s website. This indemnity is in addition to any other required under our Dispute Policy. 

If you share your website related to a project proposal or any work activity, everything on your website is regarded as your publication. Bridgeway Digital doesn't take responsibility for any content you display on your domain.


Your logos, names, graphics, design themes, brand names, trademarks, content, text, images, ideas, and visuals are entirely your property. Bridgeway Digital will not claim ownership of these elements in any way.



Bridgeway Digital is not liable for any damages, including both incidental and consequential, that may occur if servers go offline or become unavailable for any reason. Bridgeway’s also not responsible for any damage resulting from the corruption or deletion of any website on its servers. In such cases, the extent of liability is limited to the immediate termination of your service.


Rest assured, Bridgeway’s expert team strives to maintain a smooth, bug-free experience on our website, ensuring that your time spent with Bridgeway Digital is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.


Disclaimer of Loss or Liability

Bridgeway Digital is not responsible for losses or liabilities arising from various scenarios, including but not limited to:

  1. Delays or interruptions in accessing Bridgeway Digital.
  2. Losses from data transfers on Bridgeway Digital.
  3. Unauthorized use or misuse of your personal information by anyone.
  4. Errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in any information or services Bridgeway Digital provides.
  5. Deletion or failure to store email messages.
  6. Inability to use our email service.
  7. Any issues arising from using our email service.
  8. Any losses connected with using our services or applying for them.


Refusal of Service

Bridgeway Digital is the only one who will decide what does or does not break these terms and conditions of acceptable use. Bridgeway has the right to update these terms and to refuse, cancel, or suspend our services as it sees fit.


If any part of these terms is found invalid, it won’t affect the rest of the terms. Bridgeway’s may amend or replace any invalid part with a valid one that as closely as possible matches our original intent.


Bridgeway Digital can change these terms without prior notice. It is recommended that you regularly review them to stay informed of any changes.


This agreement overrides all previous proposals, agreements, or communications related to the use of Bridgeway Digital.


Copyrights and Trademarks

When you provide materials (like logos, graphics, text, etc.) for your website creation through Bridgeway Digital, it's important that you confirm your legal right to use these materials. By supplying them, you're acknowledging that you own these materials or have the necessary permissions to use them. Rest assured, your ownership of these materials remains with you.


Our Creative Work: The creative work that Bridgeway Digital produces for you, including but not limited to design elements, custom code, and original graphics, is the intellectual property of Bridgeway Digital. Bridgeway digital is excited to see you use this work for the purpose it was created. However, if you wish to repurpose or use our creative work in other contexts beyond its original intent, it's necessary to obtain explicit permission. To ensure clarity and mutual understanding, Bridgeway digital asks that this permission be formalized in writing. Once granted, you can use Bridgeway’s creative work for the agreed-upon purposes. Bridgeway Digital is open to discuss these opportunities and may grant permission at its discretion.


Your Responsibilities: In your collaboration with Bridgeway Digital, you agree to take responsibility for any copyright or permission issues related to the materials you supply. If there's a claim against Bridgeway Digital concerning the materials you provided (for example, if someone claims you didn't have the right to use an image or text), you agree to protect and indemnify Bridgeway Digital from any legal claims or liabilities. This means if there's a dispute or legal action because of materials you provided without proper authorization, you'll handle the matter and ensure that Bridgeway Digital doesn't face any consequences from your actions.


It's important for the smooth operation and legal safety of both parties that these guidelines are followed. This approach helps maintain a transparent, responsible, and legally sound environment for us to create the best possible web presence for you.


Refund Policy


All fees and payments are in U.S. dollars and are non-refundable, even if services are suspended, terminated, or transferred before the end of the term.




Payments are due within 5 days of invoicing. You can pay by credit card or cheque.


If there are monthly fees, they're specified in your contract or order. To cancel, give us at least 30 days written notice before your service term ends. We may charge fees as outlined in the agreement.


Important Notice


This agreement is the complete understanding between Bridgeway Digital and its users regarding website terms. It supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, written or oral.


For questions or more information, please check our website [email protected]


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