Weebly is known for being one of the best website builders when it comes to reliability and user-friendliness in the market today. It’s quite easy to develop a website whether it’s an online store, launch a blog, or a personal website without the need to code.  Your website can be up and running in the shortest amount of time as Weebly provides you with a personalized domain, email address and free hosting. Weebly also offers visually appealing and customizable themes and also offers support on premium versions via chat, email, over the phone, webcasts, and video tutorials.

There are numerous reasons why you should choose Weebly to build your website, we have compiled a list of top 10 reasons that will certainly galvanize you to choose Weebly:

1. Drag And Drop Feature

The drag and drop editor interface is one of the best features of Weebly. Unlike other website development platforms, it doesn’t require spending time finding and installing plugins. Although Weebly has some limitations, it offers a lot of options and features for you to utilize. It’s quite easy to develop on Weebly, with the drag and drop feature that can be leveraged into the content area of the website. Elements available on the editor interface can easily be dragged and dropped into the content area of the website

2. No Ads:

Ads may probably be the most annoying aspect of free website builders. The most irritating part of advertisements is that it diverts the attention of audience visiting your website. So, you are left with no other option but to upgrade to the premium version. Fortunately, there is no such thing as ads on using Weebly.

3. Integrate Multimedia Content:

Another benefit of using Weebly is that you can easily add flash content by adding an element. Furthermore, you can also integrate audio and video codes by leveraging the custom HTML element. The best part of Weebly is that you can directly drag and drop images in the content area without the need for elements. This feature will automatically consider images as a gallery if there are multiple images to upload.

4. SEO Is Super Easy:

It’s super for developers to do SEO; all you need to do is integrate the Google Search Central authentication code in Weebly. You can add different scripts to every single webpage or an entire website simply by pasting them into the code section of either the header or the footer. Setting up 301 redirects is also easy on a Weebly website, you just need to enter your old and new URLs.

5. Easy Access To CSS And HTML Codes:

When you are building a website on Weebly, it offers instant access to the source code of the website which allows you to add your desired features. Moreover, you also have the option to import new themes and use the elements to include customizable HTML codes on your web pages.

6. Password Protected:

Weebly also provides security for your website by offering password protection. You can easily set passwords whether it’s for a webpage or an entire website. You also have the option of either exclude your entire website or an individual page from the search engine’s crawling.

7. Separate Mobile Device Builder:

Weebly features a separate mobile device builder that automatically generates the mobile versions of the website in real-time. As per the need of your business, you can customize it accordingly. It’s one of the best features of Weebly for website developers.

Weebly helps your business to thrive by providing the option of adding, eliminating, and reorganizing modules individually from the desktop version of the website.

8. Flexible

Weebly offers flexibility for website developers by offering 10 website creations per account. Moreover, it also allows developers to upload countless amounts of files within the limitations of their terms of use.

9. Host And Export Options

It’s probably one of the best features of Weebly that it offers free hosting for your website, whether or not you buy a premium version. Not only that but also its premium platform enables developers to upload 250 MB of files while the free version allows developers to upload up to 10 MB of files.

On Weebly, developers can export files as a ZIP archive, it’s available in the admin area. Once the developers completely export the files, they can then be uploaded to a hosting service and will work the same as on Weebly.

10. Excellent Customer Service

Weebly has a dedicated customer support team. They offer a response to their customer’s queries promptly. Customers have the option of getting support via emails, phone, live chat or even posting your query on their social media accounts like Facebook/Twitter.

Moreover, Weebly also offers a comprehensive guide and video tutorials for the customers to troubleshoot their issues with ease.


Weebly is a great platform for building websites. It offers quick and easy website building features along with visually appealing and customizable themes to make your website unique and user-friendly.

This platform is an excellent choice for website developers who have little to no knowledge of coding. Moreover, it also helps develop numerous online stores within your website.

Even if you have limit products on your website, this is still a great e-commerce platform for boosting your business.

Weebly is a great platform for building websites. It offers quick and easy website building features along with visually appealing and customizable themes to make your website unique and user-friendly.

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