Typographics Videos

Animated texts ranging from classic to imaginative, depending on your preferred style. Our typography video service is a modern take on how your story can be told. It’s the perfect marriage of text and animation in one!

Smooth And Time Saving Video Production Process


Script Writing

The script is the backbone of your video, which is why we’ll take inspiration via a creative brief and correspondence between you and our team. From there, the dedicated writer will then transform your story into a custom draft.


Once the script is finalized and the illustrations drawn and approved, we will present the storyboard that holds your story. Think of a fairytale drawn in static frames.


Voice Over

Choose from a pool of highly-qualified and auditorily pleasing voice actors to render their talent on your video. We will ensure that the voice is the right fit for your video.


The animator puts your tale in motion, making the characters shift from paper to video. We’ll breathe life by incorporating sound effects, music, and voiceover, making your story both a visual and auditory feast.


Final Delivery

Fresh out the animation house, your explainer video will be sent straight to you! We’ll make sure it’s in the file format you need, and hand you the video you’ve wanted all along.